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Scottish Culture

The culture of Scotland may boast of almost a thousand years history. Nowadays it is compiled of array of various cultures from all over the world. There exist several concepts that are associated with this country.

A traditional Scottish garment – kilt – first appeared in the end of the 16th century. At that time people wore absolutely different kilts (pattern, color etc.) for showing their belonging to a definite clan. Nowadays this skirt-like clothing has over 4,500 kinds and is worn for special occasions only (e.g. weddings) with woolen socks. It’s interesting to know that, as a rule, there should be absolutely nothing under the kilt.


The bagpipes – national instruments – are believed to originate from Scotland but it is not so. This instrument appeared there around 1400, from southern Europe. It was established for military purposes at first. If you want to hear hundreds of bagpipes, visit the International Piping Festival that takes place annually in Glasgow on August. The music performed is of Gaelic origin mainly.


Perhaps, everyone has heard about the haggis – traditional Scottish dish. The earliest mentions about it date back to the 15th century. It’s cooked of the lung, liver and a sheep’s heart. The oatmeal and spices should be added to these ingredients before being stuffed into the stomach of a sheep for about 3 hours. Haggis is considered to be a very specific dish. Though, at least once a year, on January 25, almost every family cooks it for Robert Burns’ Day of Celebration. They do so not only because of his nationality (Scottish) but due to his great love for food that resulted into a poem called “To a Haggis”.


Scottish whiskey made of barley and clear water is well-known all over the world. If you find a word “Scotch” of the bottle with whiskey, you may be absolutely sure that it was manufactured in Scotland as it’s a protected trade mark.


Scotland is also known as the Home of Golf. There exist over 540 golf courses in the country and the sport itself is very much alive. Historians believe that golf appeared approximately in the 13th century when the shepherds were seeking a way to amuse themselves spending the whole days on the moors.


Highland Games is a unique blend of sport, dances, music and culture that is held in summer. Not only the local dwellers but the representatives from the different countries take part in these competitions that take place in villages, small towns and castles of Scotland producing an exciting atmosphere. The members of the Royal Family are the constant guests and may be met at these events in Aberdeenshire.

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