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Australian Culture, Character, and Lifestyle

Quite an important influence on the modern Australian culture was made by the indigenous Aboriginal heritage. The time before British invasion, when only the native tribes inhabited the continent is called Dreamtime. It seems like the darkest time for us though it used to be the most blessed period for the local breed, when miracles and myths were the explanation to everything and when the Universe was born. This notion reflects the Aboriginal mentality and also is a part of the native Australian culture.

Settlers mostly from the British Isles at the beginning of the colonization and migrants from more than 140 countries eventually created an exclusive mix of customs, traditions, beliefs, and habits that constitute the modern Aussie culture.

Geographical position, specifics of climate, and low population density also has made its influence on the Australian mentality. In its character, the Australian nation is quite open-minded and easy-going. They are of simple manners but appreciate politeness and tolerance. They like new acquaintances and try to stay nice to all the people around. Tourists are also much loved here.

Popular activities in Australia are partying on the beach, surfing or diving, and having a barbeque. If you are invited to the barbeque party, which is traditionally held on the backyard, remember to bring a bottle of beer or wine. You may also call and ask a hostess if she expects you to bring some dish.

Australia has no traditional cuisine on its own but can boast of the wide variety of different cuisines due to its national diversity. European and Asian culinary traditions are prevalent on the larger half of the continent.

There are no rules for choosing the clothing here. People usually wear what is comfortable for them and able to protect from heat which is common to the whole country almost round the year. In big companies and governmental enterprises a working dress code is required.

Due to the fact that seasons in Australia are contrary to ours, children and students have their summer break from December (starting a week before Christmas) till February (ending after Australia Day).

There is no nationwide religion established in Australia. People here are free to believe in something or not to believe at all as long as it does not cross the law. On the whole Australians identify themselves as Christians (belonging mostly to Anglican and Catholic Churches). Indigenous beliefs and spiritual rituals are also accepted and spread here.


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