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Printed literature vs. e-books

For hundreds of centuries books satisfy people’s desire to get and accumulate knowledge. Till recent times books were the only source of academic information. During ancient times a book was a real treasure. Only the rich could afford buying or rewriting books. Can you imagine that languages were studies within the confines of libraries? In virtue of literature we are engaged in dialogue with ancient epochs and become the participants of different historical events. Literature always mirrors the contemporary life in all its beauty and ugliness.

Recently the e-books have been catching more and more popularity. You can upload dozens of books into it and read them anywhere. It does not take much space. The developers have taken care about your eyes. Modern e-books are harmless to your eyes. They work on the base of the e-ink technology instead of blinking screen. There are samples with lightning. These devices are very handy for traveling – you don’t need to tote the entire library with you for a conference or vacation. One more advantage is price. E-books are traditionally cheaper. Actually most of them can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge. It is also much easier to find an e-book in some foreign language than order and wait for a printed one.

With all the pros of this miracle of technological progress, doubtfully you could ever boast of the electronic collection of books in your computer. But you can definitely be proud of your home library. The tactile familiar feeling of paper and the smell of fresh-printed book can never be substituted by the twist of technology.

The argument between the supporters of printed literature and proponents of e-books is everlasting. The point is there will always be those who love the first and those who prefer the second as long as humanity still reads.

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