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The Political System of the USA

If we take into account the number of constituents, the United States of America is the 2nd largest democracy on the planet after India. The whole political system is regulated by two basic written instruments – the Independence Declaration (proclaimed in 1776) and the Constitution (proclaimed in 1789). The first document declares the state’s independence and the second one builds the foundation for its federal segmentation. Any citizen or visitor can go and see both documents in Washington’s National Archives and Records.


American main law system – Constitution – differs greatly from others world’s constitutions. It is over 2 thousand years old. No wonder the nation is so proud of it. It contains only 7 articles supplemented by 27 amendments which make it the shortest constitution on the globe. No changes could possibly be added to it since its first addition.


The function of the US President is to rule the government and head the whole state. This post is selected for 4 years, and can be served not more than two terms. The department where the President sits and dwells is known the White House or, called by its part, the Oval Office. It is positioned in the spot that belongs to none of the states in particular but to the all at once – Washington District of Columbia.

Legislative Power

American Parliament has its special name – the Congress. It is composed by two smaller departments – the House of Representatives (minor legislative force) and the Senate (major one). The first one numbers 435 members. The latter one represents the states – two senators from each state. 6 years is the term during which senators can stay in charge. They are 100 in number. The House of Representatives alongside with the Senate compose the legislative line of power.

Judicial Power

This kind of powers belongs to the Supreme Court and local Federal Circuits. The Supreme Court members are calculated these days to 9, though back in history there were only 5 of them. Supreme Court positions are the life-long ones. There also exists a network of Courts of Appeal in this state. On the local level, there functions District Courts system.

Executive Power

The regulators of the executive power branch are the President and the Cabinet. The US Cabinet is referred to as a consultative corpus of the state. It includes a good deal of members who represent different departments of the executive force. The procedure of choosing a member to the Cabinet is quite simple – they should be nominated by the President and than verified by the Senate.

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