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A true friend is the one who completes you. This is a person with whom you can afford being stupid and irrational. In other words, with whom you possess an utter freedom of being yourself. He is not afraid to say that you are mistaken, or that this hairdo makes you ugly. He has a gut to say that the relation you are into right now is crushing for you, and you merit better than this.

real friends

A good friend never makes you choose between him and your dream, family, love, or passion. And it’s because of his superb timing. He knows when it is time for being silent. He feels when he should let you go and plunge into your own life and destiny. And then he knows when it is time to show up and put together the split pieces of your broken soul. He is always there for you. And your share in this relationship is reciprocal. You should also feel the vibes of his heart and get yourself toned to them.

They say a good friend is seen in trouble. But I can assure you that it is more embarrassing to stand by your side in success. When people are in comparatively equal life circumstances, it is no problem to support your peer in some hardship. But when one person is more talented, or happy, or successful, or popular it is quite different. Somehow it is getting harder to the other person to stay amiable to his friend. In such cases envy, jealousy, and even grudge is born. Only people with big hearts and kind souls can be supportive in happiness and success.


No matter what people may say, it is impossible to have a bunch of close friends. The real friend can only be the one. All those folks you hang out with or are used to keep in touch are not all totally your friends. They are just good acquaintances and nothing more.

Sometimes life can separate you from your friend. First, make everything possible to save him. But if it doesn’t work, give up on it. Perhaps his designation in your life is over. It is time for you to get over it, forget or forgive, and move on. If you are lonely right now, don’t work too hard to make a new true friend. Take your time, stay open, and he’ll come before long.

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