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American Cuisine

American cuisine is not very easy to describe due to the fact that it is not indigenous to the US but comprised of diverse food traditions from all over the world. Here you may find any of the world’s cuisines as emigrants brought their own recipes and eating habits. To the most popular cuisines belong Mexican, Thai, Italian, French, and English. Ocean regions can boast of vast variety of seafood.

It is hard to picture traditional American meals because tastes differ but let’s try to generalize a bit. For breakfast, they usually have cereal with milk, or scrambled eggs/omelet with orange juice or coffee. For lunch perfectly goes sandwiches with cheese/tuna/ham and some tinned stuff which needs just to be heated. For dinner, the richest meal in nutrition, they choose chicken or fish with salad or steak with potato and ketchup. Rice and different kinds of pasta are often used as side dish. They don’t eat a lot of bread. Americans like vegetable salads, often with various greens and cherry tomatoes. Perhaps the most popular salad here is Caesar salad with chicken and range of sauces on the side at your choice.

Americans love sweets. To the most favourite ones belong doughnuts, muffins, cheesecake, apple pie, and ice-cream, of course. There are many kinds of ice-cream with plenty of fillings like pistachio nuts, various kinds of berries, cookies and fruit which are extremely delicious. In hot weather they choose ice-corns with different flavours.

Grilled food is very popular among Americans. Those who have their own houses with some attached area traditionally put a grill on the backyard. Truth be told, cooking on grill Americans choose not very healthy stuff to the contrary belief that grilled food is useful and healthy. They like sausages and steaks. On weekends or holidays they call friends or family and make barbeque.

Americans tend to drink a lot of coffee and various coffee shakes alongside with milkshakes. Starbucks coffee chain is highly attended and loved here. They drink juices at least once a day, typically orange juice. Fresh juices are also very popular. Dinner meal can be accompanied with a glass of wine. Americans prefer red semi-sweet or dry wine. They never drink sweet wines. Champagne is a holiday drink. Ice is often added to a drink. In summer cold coffee drinks and iced tea are in high demand.

Fast food has originated and spread from the USA being its integral part. Hamburgers, French fries, chips, pizzas, and hot-dogs served with fatty sauces and accompanied with a cup of coke or some other kind of soda is frequent food option for Americans. They eat really a lot of this unhealthy stuff which provides a bunch of problems with obesity and different cardiovascular diseases. MacDonald fast food network was the first one proposing this fast but unwholesome kind of food, but today there dozens of suchlike chains.


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