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Love, marriage and family

What is love? There is not a single and simple answer. To say the truth, no one knows exactly how to define this wonderful and amazing feeling or state of being. That is why there exist so many poems, films, songs, novels, and legends about it. A healthy love makes people higher and better.


Man and woman in love who decide to get married form a single social and economic unit that will fight the harshness of life in the future. Marriage doesn’t consist of love and affection only. The two people may not even be alike in everything. You have to fit and match each other to make your mutual life nice and pleasant for both of you. All of us believe that our marriage will last forever. Though, it’s not enough just to hope – both of a couple have to work hard on the relationships that should survive in happy and difficult times.


Being married (or just living together) and having children (or no) you and your half become a separate union – family with your own rules, traditions, rituals, holidays, meals, and various life situations. People learn to accept their dearest ones and not to judge them. Family should a place of our rest, convenience and security.


Nowadays marriage is being questioned as an institution more and more often. Modern culture aims to convince people in the nonobligatory character of this phenomenon. Due to this propaganda the number of cohabitants is rapidly growing and a traditional marriage in the register office and with a white dress is no more “in fashion”. Some say they want to test the strength of their love first (and this continues for years); some are trying to collect money for the ceremony (you’ll never earn the “enough” sum); some don’t want to “limit their independence” (living for themselves a path for the retreat) etc. Very often women also accept such an alternative of just living together not to loose their beloved ones.

Of course, it’s everyone’s personal business. However, try to think over all the factors and patterns before making this important life-changing step.

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