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Constituents of Happiness

In case you ever wonder what makes a person happy, there is no territorial, or ethnic, or financial criterion that can guarantee you a sufficient portion of bliss. A mother of four from Indian slumbers can be happier than a top-actress from Hollywood hills. Happiness is a result of harmony and completeness. It is unconditional option that you can make at any time and in any circumstances.

Harmony within a person is a combination of his mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. You’ve been told to love yourself no matter what – forget it. I tell you to start doing something significant that can make you worth of self-respect. That way your love to yourself will be grounded and lingering.

First of all you need to understand and name your emotions. Then you should analyze their sources and learnt how to cut bad ones. The point is – you have power to choose what to feel and what to ignore. You can wear your thoughts like your put on your everyday apparel. Your brain is an incomparably powerful machine that is capable of inconceivable things.

Your physical state is a result of self-care. It includes a smart choice of food, enough sleep, and constant movement. Remember not to toss inside of your body unhealthy food like you would never throw garbage inside your house. Lack of good sleep can result in stress, energy defect, and even weight gain. Try to use any possibility to walk instead of driving. Spend time outdoors. And laugh – as much as you can afford.

Spiritual equilibrium is a result of faith in powers that run our lives. It is also a presence of a life goal which shines on the horizon and leads you through the jungle of existence. It gives sense to everything you do. Learn how to use the current moment – which is ‘now’ – without waiting till tomorrow or New Years resolutions.

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