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Canadian Stereotypes

It goes without saying that every country may be characterized with the help of several stereotypical statements connected with its peculiarities. They are not necessary true, though people usually do believe that these generalized features really reflect “a soul” of the nation. Canada is not an exception in this situation.

So, this is a list of the most widespread Canadian stereotypes:

  • It is winter all year round and you have to ride a polar bear to get to work.

Everything isn’t so scary. The temperature rarely falls below -20 C degrees. Yes, there may be great snowstorms and all, but very often there is a sun in the sky that in summer even allows people to swim in the numerous rivers. And what about bears? In fact, many Canadians saw them only in the zoos.

  • Everyone in Canada plays hockey and skate like a profi since childhood.

Well, perhaps, not everyone, but the nation is really passionate about this sport. So, do not be surprised to see the closed shops during the NHL games. And you will hardly find a person who can’t skate even if he tells you this.

  • They are proud of doing anything a little bit different than Americans.

For example, they will tell you for sure that they speak a bit quieter and more softly than Americans do.

  • Canadians love their country music that may be often heard even in the night clubs.

They adore their national singers (Justin Bieber is under the question mark) and that’s why the radio stations broadcast their songs almost constantly.

  • They place the images of Canadian flag on their bags and clothes while travelling.

This may be irritating or annoying but yes, they do so very often. Who knows, maybe Canadians want to differentiate themselves from Americans in such a way?

  • People drink only beer and eat bacon with maple syrup.

Not at all. Of course, these products are the inevitable parts of a Canadian’s ration and he adds them wherever it’s possible or not, but these are not the only food.

  • Canadians are overly polite.

There exist even a lot of jokes about a word on a letter “s”. People tell the word “sorry” so often that it is almost irritating! They are sorry for this and for that and even for the fact that they are sorry. Quite funny.

  • People of Canada are extremely proud of their famous countrymen.

It’s absolutely true. Many discussions and talks start with a question like, “Do you know that Celine Dion is a Canadian?”


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