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British Character and Lifestyle

The United Kingdom is a separate from the continent island country. No wonder one of the most typical feature of the British character is individualism growing either into prepotency or egotism. In fact, this prosperous nation has every ground to be proud of itself – starting with its domination throughout history with the creation of the Commonwealth and ending with its language being dominate throughout the world.

The British people are extremely disciplined and there is no exaggeration in stating that they are the most polite nation on the earth. They honour privacy and are famous for being extremely tactful, delicate, and reserved. Rudeness, coarse language, inadequate behaviour, and any other display of bad manners are treated as ferity. British hold in esteem rules, laws, and order.

Etiquette is probably nowhere else defended and applied as accurately as in Britain. People here stay in queue everywhere and for everything – to buy grocery or tickets to the theater, to enter the restaurant or transport, to use public bathroom or get their cars filled with patrol. Another feature common to British character is common sense. They approach everything practically and are seldom misled by some ethereal delusions. The British people have a very specific sense of humour, but no British will agree with this, because they consider their humour to be unique and immensely subtle.

At the same time, British are very stubborn to adopt the new. Used to live in the closed and well-secured community, British people usually treat everything new and unknown as something dangerous and hostile. For instance, they still use their old metric system to calculate distances, amounts and liquids despite all the governmental efforts to introduce the same scales as the most of the world use. They can never get used to the 24-hour clock and will always drive on the left side of the road measuring temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.

British people usually live in relatively small detached houses, unless they have inherited a great mansion. Home is a castle for the British. They adore their pets. Almost each family has got a cat or a dog. The British nourish and glory their gardens and lawns.

Family roots and old traditions are very strong and supported in this country. They take a pride in their tea tradition. They love it with milk and drink a couple of times per day. They like spending their leisure time with friends and family. The elder people dig in their gardens, but the youth like active rest. The most beloved English drink is beer. To indulge themselves with a mug of beer, people go to pubs.

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