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American Stereotypes

Nations are often accepted stereotypically by one another due to the lack of personal practical experience. Some stereotypes appear to be true; some are spread by the representatives of a particular nation themselves; and some are complete nonsense.

Such an influential and notorious nation as American is talked about much and accepted differently throughout the world. No wonder there are so many stereotypes popular with others nations concerning Americans. Let’s find out what they are and how many of them are true.

Americans are fat

This is perhaps the most popular stereotype and unfortunately it is obviously true one. Facts prove that the USA has the highest rank of obesity in the world. And this number increases with every year. Unhealthy food and motionless lifestyle are the reasons of this issue which brings dozens of problems with health including cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and others.

Americans are stupid

This is probably the second most popular stereotype about Americans, which clearly appears to be false. The national ignorance is a prejudice partially based on the fact that Americans are indifferent to the world around them except for their own country. Nevertheless some calculations confirm the fact that the quality of American education has been falling down for several recent years. Ignorance in such a prosperous country is not a tragedy, it is a choice.

Americans are very polite and friendly

Generally the whole nation of the US has a reputation of being extremely polite, tolerant and friendly. They love socializing and can come to an understanding almost with any person. The only exception is made for the citizens of the New York City who are believed to be exclusively rude and mean.

Americans are violent

There is a common belief that almost each American citizen starting with teenagers can carry a gun. This goes from the law that allows keeping and carrying arms. This country has the highest casualty rate caused by firearms. And what is very sad and silly is that gun-caused suicides happen much more often than homicides.

Americans want to dominate the world

Bigger part of the United States budget is spent on the military forces. They say that Americans want to keep everything that is going on this planet is strictly under their control. The threat of terrorism is the excuse for growing military expenses and dictatorship in general.

This list of stereotypes can be prolonged, but the message implied here says that it is better to have your own doctrine based on your practical experience than rely on assumptions made by others. So, go ahead and discover yourself!


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