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Sydney – is the most outstanding and frequently visited city in Australia. It is likewise the oldest city on the continent. Though, regardless its history, today Sydney is the most advanced burg in all senses – it is full of innovative tendencies and brightest specialists. It is the centre of Australian cultural life – writers, poets, dancers, musicians, and artists go here to find their fortune. It is also a great economical centre and a port with lots of front-rank companies and their headquarters situated here. At first being a British penal colony it became a headmost metropolis.

Sydney is quite a multinational city – a quarter of its population are foreign-born. The total number of its inhabitants exceeds four million people.

Capital of the New South Wales, Sydney is proud of its breathtaking waterfront views, marine activities, water sport attractions (such as surfing and diving), and the most beautiful beeches in the whole Australia. The renowned harbour divides Sydney into two parts – the northern and the southern connected by the Harbour Bridge and the Harbour Tunnel. If you are eager to absorb the most picturesque views of the haven – take a cruise on the ferry – a very popular thing among the tourists though a bit expensive.

Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge

Sydney is a very tourist-friendly city with dozens of excursions and sightseeing tours organized for visitors. Here you can get acquainted with the Aboriginal heritage or get a glimpse of the Australian wildlife. Everything in the city is organized with the sense of order and safety. In recent years Sydney adopted a so-called Safe City Strategy which implies the intensified security service with emergency video phones, improved city lightning, cameras with closed circuit system, and a special safety forces intended to protect citizens. As a result – a crime level is quite low for such a big city.

Australia’s biggest city can boast of myriads of amusing and recreational activities. The city is also famous for its shopping, providing dozens of designer outlets, souvenir shops and duty-free centers. There are museums and galleries exhibiting the Aboriginal art and culture as well as modern Australian. The Sydney Opera House is an entire art complex comprised by three connected areas that houses the opera theatre itself, the drama theatre, the choir centre, the ballet studios, the library, and the concert hall.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

The dwellers are convinced that their city is the most beautiful one on the planet. Moreover, even if they exaggerate a bit, it is hard not to agree with them.


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