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Education in Australia

Australian system of education is regarded as a very qualified, reliable and internationally recognizable. There are unified norms for study accepted throughout the country with little variations in education among different states and territories.

Educational system functions within three levels. They are – primary schools, secondary and high schools, and tertiary schools. To the latter belong TAFE (Technical and Further Education), VET (Vocation Education and Training) colleges and universities.

Before starting a primary school children can attend a kindergarten or a preparatory from the age from three till five. In Western Australia pre-school is a part of primary school. After that children start their primary schooling (five to twelve). From twelve years starts secondary education, which lasts till the age of seventeen.

The school year opens at the beginning of February and completes at the end of December. There are four semesters in the academic year. Usually there are four holiday breaks between terms: in December (about six weeks) for Christmas, in April (two weeks) for Easter, and two more breaks in July and October (both also about two weeks).

There are public schools (government or state schools), catholic schools, and private sector (independent schools) in Australia. Schooling in public sector is free and state-funded for local residents. Studying in independent schools takes some charge but propose a wide selection of courses. Catholic schooling is something medium between two before mentioned types of schools. It is funded by federal government so it is less expensive.

Most educational enterprises require special dress-code or uniform. Students or children are commonly expected to bring their own lunches but there are likewise schools with different food options included. Textbooks are also paid. Sometimes school provides children with sunhats and sun creams free of charge.

The oldest and most authoritative higher educational entities form a so-called Go8 unity (Group of Eight) to which belong such colleges and universities as Australian National University in Canberra, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales and others. Most courses are held in English, though there are bilingual programs and opportunities for foreign languages study.

There is a very convenient system, which allows students to attain their higher education on the base of governmental loan. In reality, almost every college graduate gets a respectable and lucrative job. After graduation, these students work and give a portion of their salary to pay their studying back. It usually takes a couple of years. In such a way, you’ve got a fantastic chance to obtain a prestigious career option even if you cannot afford it at once.


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