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Big Family vs One Child

Being in love, sooner or later a couple faces the dilemma of a future family size, namely a number of kids. Both variants – the one or many siblings – have their pros and cons that should be enumerated. These are some of them.

As a rule, parents spend more time with their only child

Everyone knows that in a big family mother and father are very busy and entrust the older children to care about the younger ones. They still arrange some family holidays and picnics, but if a kid is the only one, they do it more often. In big families children will always be occupied by themselves while you’ll have time for doing something more urgent or pay attention to your half. Children acquire good social skills and learn how to interact with others that will become of special importance for their future life.

Not everyone can financially and emotionally afford to have many children

This requires a lot of efforts and money. Parents sometimes have to say “No” to children’s requests and wishes. The great sums are needed to pay for food, clothes, travelling, education – just for everything. Besides, it’s a huge responsibility to bring up a bunch of kids.

One child is too much loved

The excessive worry and anxiety may lead to undesirable effects such as “spoiled” characters, egotism, jealousy, and loss of tolerance towards others. A kid gets used to get everything and all the best pieces of a cake.

In case of parents’ passing away a kid stays alone

This may happen with everyone as no one can predict something in his life. A car accident, a fatal disease, or other misadventures and you leave your offspring absolutely alone in this cruel world. Otherwise, he/she will have a sister or a brother who will help cope with everything. This thought is worth to be considered.

People constantly ask about your plans to have more kids

Perhaps, it’s not a drawback but definitely annoying phenomenon. Parents of the only child become “victims” of their friend, relatives and even strangers who try to persuade them to have at least one more kid, inquire of your health problems etc.

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