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Bad Habits

Habits are the tiny pieces of behaviour that comprise a person’s life. Like small building blocks they erect humans’ lives and make us who we are. They root sometimes so deeply that become the integral undivided constituents of our personalities. And while some of our habits create a good image, the others can be destructive and very hard to get rid of.

Especially this regards bad habits which have power to spoil our socialization. Bad habits are those comparatively innocent and those harmful to us and the environment. To the first group we can count different kinds of food disorder, daily routine disarrangement, and all those naughty habits that imply manners and their violation.

Problems with food ingestion can be of two opposite types. Some people don’t pay attention to what and how many they eat. As a result have different health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and various nervous breakdowns on this ground. Other people control their nutrition too much, as far as they are afraid of getting fat. Consequently they suffer from all possible grueling diets. And the salvation is simple while hard at the same time. You just need to make healthy lifestyle your doctrine forever and you’ll never be forced to rush to extremes.

Bad habits of daily routine character can spoil the impression of you among your surrounding. Here belong the habits of biting nails or lips, cracking knuckles or neck, slouching, clicking a pen, snapping a gum, and many others. Pretty unnerving is seeing someone rolling his eyes on you. Bad habits infect our speech as well. Mumbling, talking with a full mouth, and cursing can prevent people from understanding you.

Gambling and computer games dependence is also a growing problem especially within teenagers. It often leads to procrastination – when a person doesn’t want doing his business and constantly postpones it.

The second group of bad habits is quite notorious and much-spoken. They are smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and substance abuse. Thanks God, these habits are loosing their popularity lately as it’s becoming cooler to look good and stay healthy. Though, teenagers are still in the risk zone as they face problems and look for a relief or just follow the bad example of their friends.


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