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A Question of Fashion

Why do people often judge strangers by their cloths even if they say it is not so? Probably, the answer lies in the perceiving of information mostly through our eyes. On the other hand, it happens because we know that usually person’s apparel reflects his social status.

However, it is not a strict rule – just remember Steve Jobs with his ordinary black T-shirt and blue jeans, Ingvar Kampard, a billionaire and IKEA shops’ founder, wear very cheap clothes bought on sale, and many others. Why do they behave so, if they literally can afford to have almost everything they want? They say they don’t want to show their wealth and high status in such a way.

Generally, fashion is a trend style that is popular in a current period of time. Designers and dress-makers are responsible for any changing trends in color, shape, pattern, length that are demonstrated in various fashion magazines and TV shows. These innovations are almost always extravagant, “flashy”, very expensive and not for everyday wearing.

Of course, the fashionable and designer clothes look good but if you can’t afford it, you’d better search for something cheaper but also nice and suitable personally for you. Besides, many manufacturers produce imitations of designer cloths. Tough, such copies are of lower quality. So, waking up in the morning, think about the weather, your mood and plans for a day and choose the appropriate garment. Try to combine the things that seem to be incompatible – you can create some nice stylish looks that will be individual. It will be especially productive, if you have a good taste and sense of fashion. Wear bracelets or other accessories but do not overdo it.

So, always remember that to be nice-looking and attractive one doesn’t need to spend tremendous sums doing shopping in a boutique with a well-known name.

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